“Ditch the Resolutions”

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I am a little late to the game with all of this “resolution” talk, but I became totally inspired by this post that I saw on the locally owned Raleigh gem Happy + Hale‘s Instagram (@happyandhale) around the new year: “Ditch the resolutions. To resolve means to find a solution to a problem. You are not a problem.  The way you showed up for your life the past year was necessary…

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“I hear you” also means “I love you”.

Love, compassion

“If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence”. ~Thich Nhat Hanh Understanding is the basis of love!  Being present to each other’s feelings (even negative ones!) will improve your relationship and enhance intimacy by providing a safe space for you and your partner.  Think about a time that you really felt heard and understood.  How did it make you feel?  How did you feel…

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“What did you say?!” Responding to destructive communication traps


Frequent and open communication is the first line of defense against misunderstandings and hurt feelings in your relationships. The research on healthy relationships has identified four communication patterns that most often create long term relationship problems. The first and most common communication traps are criticism, which is blaming and verbally attacking your partner’s personality, and defensiveness, which is a counter attack to a perceived criticism (essentially saying “I’m not wrong,…

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